Terms & Conditions

General conditions of sale

The following general conditions of sale apply to all sales carried out by Mismo ApS. Eventual modifications of the conditions are to be approved in writing.

1. Disclaimer notice

Mismo is responsible only for delivered goods. Mismo is not responsible for defects or damages caused by the buyer in consequence of default in the use, storage or mistreatment of the product. Mismo cannot be held responsible for any damages or losses suffered as an indirect consequence of defect products. The buyer will undertake to control the goods supplied to him. Any claims should be given directly to Mismo ApS right after the goods are received and controlled by the vendor. The Mismo products are made from genuine leather and can therefore vary in color and texture. Mismo is deliberately using leather, which has been through as few chemical processes as possible, namely full-grain vegetable tanned leather. Since it is a natural product, scars, scratches and stains can occur on the leather. These are to be seen as a natural part of the leather/product and cannot be regarded as a fault. Neither can the changing of colour over time. The leather will vary in colour over time, which is to be seen as a natural part of the products history. Be aware that the leather can place traces of colour on light clothes and should be used in consideration of this.

2. Warranty

Mismo guarantee the quality of all of our products for two years from the date of purchase, and will exchange or repair defective or damaged products. This warranty is only valid for normal wear - not against stains, pen marks or misuse of the product.

3. Transport and delivery terms

All packaging and transport costs are at the buyer’s expense. Mismo’s courier, shipping company etc, does delivery unless otherwise agreed. The buyer accepts that partial delivery may also be made (that is as the goods ordered become available) and that the respective payment will be made for each individual delivery. All transport and administration costs in connection with return goods are at the buyers expense

4. Delayed deliveries

In the case of delay or impossibilities to deliver due to force majeure causes (strike, late delivery in raw materials, war, interruption of train, flight or maritime services, serious damages of machinery) Mismo is not to be held responsible. The delivery terms remain suspended until the cause, which determines the delay ceases.

5. Payment conditions

The following payment conditions will apply for all sales carried out by Mismo unless other conditions are agreed between Mismo and the buyer.

1. All first time orders are subject to a pre-payment by the time the order is placed
2. Seasonal orders are subject to the following payment conditions: 50% of the full order value is to be paid upon placing the order (or by the time Mismo forwards the order confirmation). Remaining 50% is to be paid before shipment of goods. Shipment will only be made following the registration of the payment.
3. Mismo reserve the right to take actions of collection of debts without further notification if the payment is more than 14 days overdue.
4. We reserve the right to charge interests of 2,5% pr. month on overdue payments.
5. Mismo reserves the right to cancel or change any agreements made concerning the payment conditions, if Mismo discovers that the buyer’s credit rating, made subsequently to the agreement, raises any doubts about the buyer’s financial situation.
Bank: Nykredit Bank Account: 54702072606 IBAN: DK9254700002072606 SWIFT: NYKBDKKK

6. Price terms

The prices indicated are those effective at the date of the order. Possible variations in excess beyond 5% that could occur successively in the elements of costs (raw materials, work, or depreciation of currency) authorize the parties to revise the prices without any exception.

7. Minimum orders

The following two minimum requirements must be met for a sale to be carried out by Mismo ApS unless other conditions are agreed between Mismo and the buyer.

1.    Each style are subjected to an individual minimum which must be met
2.    On first time orders there is a general minimum on the total purchase order of € 5.000 or 35.000 DKK

8. Cancellation of orders

By accepting the order confirmation and the general sales conditions, the buyer agrees to the following regulation: Orders cancelled more than 14 days from the date of the acceptance of the order confirmation will be invoiced 30% of the total value of the order. This regulation will apply no matter what the circumstances leading to the cancellation might be.

9. Choice of law

In the hypothesis of necessity of appeal to law in the consequences of dispute, the place of jurisdiction is Denmark, Municipal court of Copenhagen, and the costumer clearly accepts to submit to the judgement of Danish law.