SS20 Seasonal Collection


The arid, sun-soaked dunes of the Sahara served as inspiration for our Spring/Summer 2020 collection. We envision a journey through the desert, with haven finally granted in the cool palm tree-lined shade of a riad.

In the Appearance Collection, we introduce Sand Waves/Dark brown, a notable Limonta collaboration portraying the distinctive and ever-shifting patterns of desert sand. A luminous, off-white yarn mimics the gentle sway of the sand-grains, while a dark mélange blue background reminds us of the water and sky against which it usually contrasts. The jacquard is paired with a fitting combination of rich dark brown bridle leather and golden brass accessories.

The Legacy Collection also welcomes a distinctive seasonal development in the Palm Jacquard/Cuoio combination. With inspiration gleaned from the vintage weavings of the Limonta archives, this terracotta palm jacquard has summer warmth and adventure written all over it. Instantly evoking dreams of summers spent beneath swaying palms, whether in vibrant Marrakech or the shores of elegant Islamorada, its eye-catching pattern is hard to forget. We’ve paired the fabric with cuoio vegetable-tanned, full-grain bridle leather for a rich vintage look and trimmed it with the solid brass accessories the Legacy Collection prescribes.

The heritage-driven Legacy Collection also welcomes an old-favorite back, albeit with a slightly different look, in our Army/Cuoio combination. The army canvas paired with dark brown leather is a proven classic within the collection, however, over the years we’ve sometimes also offered army canvas in combination with vivid tabac-hued cuoio bridle leather. Rich and full of character, it offers a sense of authenticity and old-world charm that is hard to replicate.

And lastly, our energetic Expression Collection welcomes Deep Blue/Black. It's become a tradition to introduce a seasonal ballistic sidekick to our permanent black nylon offering within the Expression Collection, and this season is no exception. We’re excited to present the Deep Blue ballistic nylon, available in the same selected styles found within our permanent black colorway. Exploring the dark navy hues of the ocean deep, this hardwearing ballistic nylon even hints at shades of black as a crisp and clean match to its black bridle leather trim, gunmetal accessories and grey cotton lining.


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