Seasonal collection SS19


The word “family” elicits instant feelings of history and belonging. For the Spring/Summer 19 collection, MISMO took inspiration from the farming heritage that so many of us share. With grandparents that lived on and cultivated the land of Enehøje, a small, picturesque island tucked away along the Nakskov Fjord, the countryside has always been an important part of who we are. A perpetual childhood memory of freedom and playfulness, today this family estate remains a quiet refuge.

We often look to generations past to find guidance and inspiration for the lives we lead today. ‘The Farmer’ as such, provides us with many of the values that influence the lives we aspire to today: The honest craft of cultivating the land, a deep connection with nature and the humbleness of hard work. 'The Farmer' represents an analogue time that only grows in longing the more we continue to digitalize all aspects of our lives.

This farming inspiration is translated into all the seasonal articles and makes an especially strong visual mark within the Legacy Collection. The delicate yellow ‘Dandelion’ cotton/nylon blend, pays homage to this remarkable flower which seems to pop up everywhere that it’s least expected. Its alluring yellow also brings to mind rapeseed fields in full bloom. Paired with cuoio bridle leather and golden brass accessories, the combination provokes a 70’s feeling while staying irrevocably modern.

In the ‘A Farmers Track’ jacquard, we present an exciting new Mismo/Limonta development. This wool and cotton jacquard tells the story of a farmer and his fields from a bird’s eye perspective. A ‘Primer Red’, reminiscent of the iconic coating used to protect wooden boats and iron machinery, is introduced in the Expression Collection in ballistic nylon. Our take on the traditional Danish timber construction, commonly known as ‘Bindingsværk’ comes through in another new development. Pinpointing our island origin and the sea that surrounds it, our technical and lightweight Piscine Jaquard is re-introduced in a select few styles within the Expression Collection.


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