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The act of seeking sanctuary in nature was an important focal point while laying the groundwork for the AW19 collection. As our digital reliance grows, it’s become increasingly vital to take some time away from our fast-paced day-to-day to ground oneself. This time spent taking a measured look at one’s surroundings and completing an inventory of self is vital. What better way to ground oneself than to go back to the earth, or more precisely back to the elements? With AW19, we have explored these elements, touching upon everything from the artist's charcoal to the mighty diamond. 

In our Diamond Chevron development, you find a refined and understated jacquard weaving that pays homage to the most coveted stone of them all. One of our most exclusive developments to date, Elements Jacquard is designed by Mismo and custom-developed with Limonta, boasting splendid graphical and technical qualities in its wool and polyester jacquard weave. The graphic, two-tone composition gives way to an expressive pattern utilising both negative and positive space. In an ode to one of the most relentless and wild, yet visually arresting straits of sea in the Nordics, our Skagerrak offering illustrates Autumn in the waters of Skagerrak, Denmark, offering a distinct deep and dark greenish hue perfectly represented in this colourway. Crafted from Ballistic nylon, our most durable fabric, its tight basket weave and high tenacity, offer extreme durability. In Charcoal, you find a subtle yet slightly elusive colourway that ties together the black and greener shades of the Expression collection this season. Presented in our technical lightweight 100% nylon fabric and bearing resemblance to traditional sailcloth fabrics. Treated with a water-repellent coating, this fabric is waterproof, highly durable and changes tactility according the weather.

This season's offerings delve deep into the various elements of our natural world, encouraging exploration as well as appreciation of our surroundings.


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